Organizing Hints

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What are some good organizing hints?

Organizing Hints

There are lots of storage choices out there - bins, containers, large units, smaller toy chests. It's sometimes hard to determine exactly what will work and what won't. Here are some organizing strategies that might help you figure out what type of storage container works best where. Try to keep items in the area where they will be used. For instance, puppets kept in a re-sealable plastic bin and stored behind the puppet theatre will make for quick clean-up and ease of use. Next label and group like things together. Art supplies all kept in the same area will be easier to sort through and choose than if you have to go to one place for paper and another for paint. And, for loose toys, don't throw them into one big bin or you'll find that they will all be quickly taken out again. When things are in smaller bins, kids tend to take out less.



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