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What are the different types of art paper and its uses?

Art Paper

When choosing school art supplies, be aware of the different types of art paper that you can use in your classroom or in your home. Card stock, construction paper, ground wood, sulphite, decorative paper, drawing paper, sketch paper, foil and craft paper are some examples of the different school art supplies that you may need for you various art projects. Experiment with you childs interests - let them try drawing, painting and perhaps scrapbooking - all of which need different types of paper. Remember - don't buy too much at once until you really know what you need!

What are the different type of brushes and their uses?

Paint Brushes

Like many school art supplies, paint brushes come in different sizes and shapes, each made for its own purpose. Flat bristle brushes are for more detailed paintings. There are also special preschool brushes that are easier to use, brushes for painting in water colors as well as round bristle brushes. Your child's art teacher should give you a list of necessary brushes or school art supplies for any school art class or school art project. School Art Supplies are available online, and sometimes at a discount. Online purchasing means no running around an expensive art store and trying to find clerks to help you find everything on your art supply list.

What are the different types of paints and their uses?


Now that your child has entered the wonderful world of painting it is time to give him / her all the tools they will need to produce their little masterpieces. While it could be difficult and expensive for parents to find the paint supplies that their child needs it doesn't have to be. Discount Art Supplies are available online and give you an easy way to fill your child's art teacher's list. No running around an expensive art store and trying to find clerks to help you find everything. You can find a single site that can provide acrylic paint, face paint, finger paint, glitter paint, poster paint, powder paint and tempera Paint. That's a lot of paint! Think about your painting accessories as well. Paint aprons to protect your child's clothes from all the inevitable spills and mishaps. Paint brush holders, paint kits, paint sponges, paint trays and paint scrapers are all here, all in one place. We hope you have as much fun shopping for all the paint supplies as your children will have using them.

What are the different types of art markers and their uses?

Art Markers

Choosing school art supplies: Art markers are a fun, multi purpose school art supply. Broad tip markers for coloring are great for kids of all ages. Brush pens, calligraphy pens, fine tip markers and conical tip markers for more detailed marker drawings and calligraphy for your older student or artist. There are even special face paint markers for those mischievous kids who think that drawing on their face is much more fun than using paper. Washable markers are a must have for little kids who tend to draw on everything they see, including their own and other people's clothes. Try a marker set and see what you need - then invest and watch creativity soar.

What are the different types of easels and their uses?


Easels come in different sizes, shapes, each made for its own purpose and from different materials. There are floor easels and table top easels available depending on what type of painting you may want to try or teach. Easels come in metal and wood and are used to either hold up the canvas while the artist is painting or drawing or for displaying finished pieces of art. Some easels even have storage for your painting supplies. Easels can be perfect for your classroom art show or to help your student artist take their skill to the next level.

What watercolor supplies you might need for your watecolor painting?

Watercolor Supplies

Painting in watercolors is an activity that many kids enjoy, but at the same time it is a bit challenging. There are many things to learn about watercolor painting. You need to know what kind of paper to use, how to mix your water colors to get the desired shade, how to keep your painting within the lines and not have your water colors run. Start out with some basic supplies, a simple set of water color paints and some inexpensive paper - or paint by numbers. Your students or your little artist will enjoy the exposure to a new medium and perhaps you will inspire the next great artist of our generation!

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