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What are school certifiates?

School Certificate

Children love rewards and surprises. And, they love to feel important and appreciated by their teacher too. Why not organize a class awards day when each student in your class can receive a diploma certificate for their outstanding achievements! Most diplomas and certificates allow teachers to fill in the blanks, but there are also pre-printed ones for choral achievement, athletic awards, recognition of service, and much more. Make every child in your class feel special by recognizing their particular strengths and talents.

What are the benefits of school awards?

School Motivation

Incentives in the classroom are a great and inexpensive wat to involve and engage your students. School awards, certificates, ribbons, and stamps are all easy-to-implement rewards for improved behavior and performance in the classroom. And, the positive re-inforcement students receive help boost their confidence and morale too. Let your students know you recognize their hard work and achievements by keeping a variety of awards and incentives on hand.

How can I make my students feel special?

Pencils & Crowns

Have you ever noticed that some classes just seem so happy and eager to learn? Well, that teacher must have a few smart tricks up his or her sleeve. If you take a look in that teacher's desk, you'll probably find a supply of pencils, badges, crowns, bookmarks and ribbons that recognize student achievement and recognize landmarks. A “Student of the Week” crown, or a “Star Student” bookmark, or even Halloween pencils given out to the entire class help keep students moving in the right direction. It doesn't take much to make a child happy. Imagine your students coming home with a special badge. It can make all the difference.

How can incentives be used for long-term achievment?

Long-Term Incentives

School awards advice: While most teachers use incentives to reward immediate behavior and achievements, there are ways to motivate students toward more long-term goals using incentives. Classroom charts that show a student's progress as they work toward achieving a goal are very effective at keeping students attentive to their projects. Each student can see where they are on the chart and watch as they move closer to completion. Used over long periods of time, this method of school motivation can change bad habits to good, and low achievers to higher achievers.

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