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What's a good math game for elementary school students?

Elementary School Math Game

Learning math advice: In elementary school, a time when students are learning multiplication division and decimals, teachers tend to use a lot of worksheets with drills. But why not give your students a break from doing the same type of problems over and over again with the Fraction and Decimal Quizmo Game. This welcome change of pace will renew your elementary school student's interest in learning math by making it into a math learning game. This game comes with two levels of play and has lots of questions to avoid repetition.

How can you recognize talented math students?

Gifted at Learning Math

You never can tell when you might find yourself with a student who shows a talent in learning math in your classroom. Here are some important clues to help you recognize their characteristics: - An intense curiosity about numeric information of any kind. - A quickness in learning, understanding and applying mathematical ideas. - A high ability to think and work abstractly and to see patterns and relationships - The ability to work with mathematical problems in creative ways. - The ability to transfer their mathematical knowledge to new, untaught mathematical lessons.

How can I teach everyday math?

Everyday Math

Math is all around us. Every day as children play they are using mathematics without even knowing it. Pouring water in and out of pots, measuring and weighing things and counting toys are all everyday activities that build an understanding of mathematical concepts. Learning by doing is a great approach for learning math, and the more your students encounter math, the more comfortable and proficient they will be with it. Try blending some math into other subjects. Have your students draw 4 apples, count out their pretzels at snack time, or find hidden shapes in a book.

What are good math teacher supplies?

Math Teacher Supplies

Teaching is a very demanding profession and your ability to reach your students may depend, in part, upon the teacher supplies you are equipped with. An experienced teacher knows that to motivate children, the basic supplies are not enough. This is especially true of teaching math. And luckily enough, there are a plethora of games, activities, and teaching aids on the market like flash cards, computer games, and electronic gizmos that can help make learning math come to life. And if these are not enough to motivate your students, try including incentives and rewards into your lessons.

How can I keep middle school students interested in math?

Middle School Math

More learning math advice: Hey, just because your students are now teenagers doesn't mean you can't keep math fun! As a matter of fact, it better be fun if you want to hold their attention and keep their enthusiasm for math high. Middle school students are at an age when their interest in subjects like math and science want. One thing we know they do like are gadgets. So why not incorporate a Scientific Cal-Cu-Vue into your curriculum. This scientific calculator is a great tool for teaching algebra, geometry and trigonometry. But equally important, this gadget, with all its functions and buttons will help keep your middle school students on the ball.

What's a Math E-Mail Pal?

Math E-mail Pal

If you have Internet access in your classroom, here's a great tip for teaching math. Have your students pick and develop an e pen pal relationship with a foreign student or start a class-to-class email. Since math is a universal language, your students can find kids their age all around the world who are learning the same mathematical concepts as they are. You can send each other math puzzles and quizzes, and begin to learn about their culture too.

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