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How should I coordinate bulletin board papers and borders?

Papers & Borders

Two staples of your classroom decoration supplies are bulletin board paper and bulletin board borders. Both of these items come in many sizes. And you can change borders periodically to match what your class is learning, the seasons of the year, holidays, and more. Just remember that when designing your bulleting boards, use colors that coordinate with the decorations in the rest of the room. Too many colors will diminish your theme, and distract from the work you are trying to display.

How do you make your bulletin boards functional?

Job Assignment Bulletin Board System

Using Classroom Decorations: Get the most out of your bulletin boards by making them functional as well as beautiful. Often, classroom management activities like class calendars and job assignments are put together without much fanfare. But why not make even these everyday tools more enticing? Like frogs? There's a big Frog Job Assignment
Bulletin Board System that will make your students hop at the opportunity to do their jobs well.

How can I save time on classroom decorations?

Decorate Ahead Bulletin Board

Why not prepare the year's worth of bulletin board decorations before school even starts? Choose background colors for every month of the school year, then cover your bulletin board starting with June on the bottom and add each month on top. This way, when you are done with one month, you can tear off the top background and you are set to go. And don't forget to take pictures of your favorite bulletin boards to help you member what you liked best.

What's an inspirational bulletin board?

Inspiration Bulletin Board

Instead of using seasonal themes or specific class content as the topic for your bulletin board, why not donate some space for inspiration? Headlines like “Aim High” and “Show Your Best” make great backgrounds for displaying student work. It's important to develop and nurture pride and self-confident, so get and keep your students motivated to achieve with an inspirational bulletin board.

Should teachers decorate before students arrive?

September Bulletin Board

In the few remaining days of summer vacation, teachers around the country are busily decorating their classrooms for the arrival of their new students. Lively colorful bulletin boards welcome students to a cheery and interesting new learning environment. Use your class' creativity to help fill those colorful expanses. It's a great way to start off the school year, will help the students make the class their own, and can build community all at the same time. If you put up the paper and borders, your students can fill in the rest.


First Day of School

Have all of your school supplies ready for the first day of school. Your room needs to be warm and inviting, but not over stimulating. Having too much on the walls will do nothing but distract your students while you are trying to teach. Rules need to be posted at the front of the classroom where all can see. It is also a good idea to have the bell schedule posted somewhere in the room so students are not constantly asking when class is over.
On the first day, greet your students and show them that you do have a good side. Let them know a little bit about yourself, but they do not need to know your whole life story. If there is a dicipline problem, you must be firm right off the bat. Refer to the posted rules at the front of the classroom and tell the student the consiquence of their action. If you allow a dicipline problem to go unresolved on the first day, the students will try to run all over you for the rest of the school year.

Where can I get classroom decoration ideas?

Classroom Decoration Ideas

Classroom decorations go well beyond traditional bulletin boards. Classroom doors, windows, the edges of the blackboard, and more are all spaces worthy of decoration. The big question is “How do I do all this without making the room look like a hodge-podge and a distraction? If you've noticed other classrooms with color coordinated, well-thought out layouts, it's because they probably own the definitive book on classroom decoration ideas, “The Giant Book of Bulletin Boards”. This invaluable resource will help you transform your classroom into a vibrant learning environment year after year.

Why you should decorate the classroom door?

Classroom Door Decoration

Your classroom door is more than the portal through which your students pass. Using classroom decorations can make it more. For young students, classroom door decorations will help to identify their classroom from others. For visitors, you can create a welcome feeling even before the door closes behind them. And for all who spend their day within those doors, it can help define the mood and personality of the learning world you create within. So don't overlook Classroom door decorations. They can deliver a message that sets the tone for how people think, feel and behave within your class.

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