Choosing Early Childhood Furniture Tips

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Why have rugs and mats?

Rugs & Mats

When choosing early childhood furniture for any early education learning center or school, Rugs, mats and cots are important elements. Young children need to replenish. Quiet reading time is inviting when children can sit on the floor on a colorful rug. And, naptime is comfortable too when childhood furnishings like mats or cots are provided. And, when all the kids are asleep, you can get a bit of replenishment too. So make sure that even though you might have mounds of paperwork or clean-up to attend to, that you take a few moments to rest and relax. Sometimes taking the time you need will help you get through that paperwork faster later on.

What are wooden storage bins?

Wooden Storage Units

Cleaning up can be fun if the process is not a frustration one and there is plenty of good humor and rewards in the classroom. And a big clutter buster and frustration buster is simply having the right storage units for the job. A neat and organized classroom leaves your students in a better frame of mind to concentrate on lessons without distraction or frustration. Most good child storage units contain bins that are colorful and can be labeled. And you can choose from open bins or closed.

What kind of art tables are available?

Child Art Table

Choosing Early Childhood Furniture: The art of choosing an art table for your classroom is more complex than ever before. Art tables and early childhood furniture are no longer constricted to the one-size fits all beige or white rectangle. Today, art tables are a lot more versatile. There are flower shaped tables, clover shaped tables, octagon tables, and even tables with color-coded bands suitable for when you want to make seating assignments. In addition, most art tables these days have adjustable legs so you can adjust the table to a variety of heights, making it suitable for a range of ages.

What are some good organizing hints?

Organizing Hints

There are lots of storage choices out there - bins, containers, large units, smaller toy chests. It's sometimes hard to determine exactly what will work and what won't. Here are some organizing strategies that might help you figure out what type of storage container works best where. Try to keep items in the area where they will be used. For instance, puppets kept in a re-sealable plastic bin and stored behind the puppet theatre will make for quick clean-up and ease of use. Next label and group like things together. Art supplies all kept in the same area will be easier to sort through and choose than if you have to go to one place for paper and another for paint. And, for loose toys, don't throw them into one big bin or you'll find that they will all be quickly taken out again. When things are in smaller bins, kids tend to take out less.

What are good tables and chairs?

Tables & Chairs

Ever sit in an uncomfortable chair or by an awkward talbe and try to work? It's hard to do your best. For students to do their best they need tables and chairs that fit their size and can help them achieve. When these important items of furniture are a good fit, a child's attention span and ability to focus will blossom. And their ability and desire to write and draw will be improved.

How do you control clutter?

Storage Containers

If you sometimes find yourself or your students tripping over trucks or sitting on blocks, it's time to to tackle clutter in your classroom. It's important for all toys and supplies to have a proper home - storage containers, toy chests, etc. The time spent organizing will save time in the end and will make things easier for everyone to find. And you'll even find that your supply of paper, paints, markers and crayons will last so much longer because they are not getting crumpled, broken, lost or left uncapped.

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