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How can I keep track of classroom supplies?


It's commonplace for teachers to label their school office supplies, but not many number them as well. When you have multiples of certain classroom supplies like calculators or scissors, number them as well, so you can ensure that after an assignment is complete, all supplies have been returned to their proper place. When students realize that you are tracking supplies carefully, they begin to care for supplies carefully.

How can I efficiently take papers between home and classroom?

Mobile Files

More school office supplies information: Aside from classroom staples like staples, paper, and clips, it's worthwhile to spend a little bit of your budget on a few clever items that will help you keep on top of clutter and paperwork. One new classroom organizer called the Pendaflex Mobile File is a great choice. This go-anywhere filing system lets you see all of your important documents at once. And, It's color-coded. Use it with its case and it looks like an expanding file, or you can place it in a briefcase or in your classroom file cabinet. This mobile file is a great way to bring papers back and forth from classroom to home.

How can I save on out of pocket supplies?

Classroom Supply Budget

School office supplies information: Keeping tabs on what you spend in your classroom and on school office supplies both through the district and on your own serves two important purposes. You'll obviously be able to see where and on what your money was spent. But, you will also develop a clear picture of what your classroom uses each year. Then, before spending your own money, look around for businesses and organizations that might make some classroom donations. Often, parents are a good source of simple donations as well.

What's an effective classroom organization system?

Classroom organization

With a classroom full of energetic kids, it's a challenge to keep up on the business side of running a classroom. But don't let this aspect of your job weigh you down. Institute a few rules to help you stay on top of paperwork. Find one good place to put all papers and notes that have to be dealt with today, and use it only for your pressing to-do items. Then go through the stack each and every day. Don't let a pile up occur. A little bit of time every day is less of a time commitment than a big pile once a week. Don't let unnecessary papers pile up. Learn to throw things away. And last, but not least, if you don't get things taken care of once in a while, give yourself a break. Get re-organized, amend your system and begin again.

Can I make good use of a laminator?


Having a laminator and lamination supplies on hand as one school office supply is a smart way to make paper objects last. One laminator is probably sufficient to service the whole school. Teachers could then come down to the office and laminate signage for bulletin boards, vocabulary or math lesson cards, placemats and more. Laminating is easy to do. It doesn't take up much space. And, it's not at all messy. Then your signage can probably be used again next year.

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