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What venues are good for science experiments?

Teaching Elementary Science

More help teaching science: When teaching elementary science, making it a hands-on experience is vital. Whether your labis a specially equipped room, your regular classroom, a field site or a community museum, lab experience allows your students to learn investigative, organizational, creative and communication skills. Through observation, manipulation, measuring, reasoning and writing, science is brought to life. No matter what subject of science is in your curriculum, consider developing hands-on activities in which your students can experience the phenomena you have explained through lectures, textbooks and research.

What are owl pellets?

One Great Elementary School Project

If you've never experimented in your classroom with owl pellets, you should incorporate it into your curriculum post haste. Dissecting owl pellets makes an awesome elementary science project. Several hours after eating, the indigestible parts of an owl's prey gets regurgitated into a neat package called a pellet. Upon opening up a pellet, your students will be amazed at the number of bones, feathers, and other discernable objects they can find – often from several different animal. Buy a Deluxe Classroom Owl Pellet Kit and you'll receive enough pellets for the whole class along with instructions, posters and lots of other goodies.

What are some home school science activities?

Home School Science

Need help teaching science? Just because you are home schooling your children doesn't mean the same great science resources aren't available to you. There are many educational, fun and inexpensive science kits that will provide you and your children weeks and months worth of valuable science learning. Kits include, creating a circuit, backyard science adventures, kitchen science adventures, creating a tornado, and monitoring the weather, to mention just a few. There's great science all around you – even at home.

Can I teach science to ESL students?

ESL Science

Science activities in an ESL classroom or in a science classroom where students are acquiring English as a second language can effectively provide conditions for the acquisition of both science and language concepts. No matter what the level of English language proficiency, doing science, especially through collaborative interactions, can reap enormous rewards. In an environment where more and more students need some level of ESL help, teaching science is beneficial and enjoyable.

What to teach in preschool science?

Teaching Preschool Science

From very early on, children seem to have a boundless curiosity about the world around them. Why not turn this curiosity into a love of learning science that begins even in preschool. Dinosaurs and other animals, the sun and moon or day and night, and plants are a great place to begin. These subjects, especially dinosaurs, are fascinating to small children, and aside from reading, developing a love of science is a marvelous gift. Experimentation lets these students fulfill all of their curious desires.

What are proper and safe lab techniques?

Lab Safety

As a science teacher, one of your lessons early on in the school year should be the teaching of safe lab skills. Hot glassware, open flames and caustic chemicals are just a few of the dangers your students may face. Demonstrate proper techniques and safety procedures. Keep clutter down to a minimum. Provide students with ample time to accomplish their work without rushing, and teach your students how you would like them to respond should an accident occur.

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