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What are the benefits of using an overhead projector?

Overhead Projector

Audio visual equipment has been a part of classroom learning for decades. As an integral teaching aid, using audio visual equipment, such as an overhead projector allows teachers to demonstrate and present their materials to a large audience. For those students who are visual learners, or for deaf or hard-of-hearing students, an overhead projector is invaluable.

What is an optimal audio visual set-up?

Audio Visual Environment

In order for students to fully benefit from various types of audio visual learning, an optimal classroom setting should be organized in advance. This includes careful consideration of factors such as room set-up, lighting, the legibility and clarity of the media, and the integration of your verbal presentation. Make suare all students can clearly see your presentation. If you have windows, try to get opaque curtains. And a good rule of thumb for seating distance is that no viewer should be further than 5 times the width of the projected image.

What is the Spirit Group Listening Center?

Audio Presentation

For setting up small groups to listen to an audio presentation, nothing surpasses the Spirit Group Listening Center. With jacks for up to four students, it frees teachers up to work with another group while one group is listening. Just remember these helpful hints. Always explain what the students are about to listen to first. Make sure the tape is at the starting point. And, always have a back-up tape.

What small supplies do I need for audio visual presentations?

Ancillary Supplies

Looking for audio visual advice? When incorporating the use of audio visual equipment into your class lessons, don't overlook purchasing the small and necessary items that will ensure smoother presentationpresentations on your part. Some supplies to keep on hand include colored transparency markers, transparency film for computer printing, replacement bulbs, batteries, a pointer, and the all important extension cord. It would be unfortunate to let a good lesson go bad, when it's so easy to keep this supply in your closet.

How do I give an audio visual presentation?

Audio Visual Presentation

More audio visual advice: Teaching with the use of audio visual equipment requires a different approacch to presenting materials. Some good ideas include presenting one concept at a time, and having only one speaker at a time. Slow down your pace a bit. Use pauses to let your concepts sink in. Minimize distractions by drawing the blinds and closing the door. And don't just read what's on your slides. Your verbal presentation is most interesting when you augment the information on the slides with commentary.

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