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What is classroom jeopardy?

Electronic Learning Toys

The correct answer is, “What is Classroom Jeopardy”. That's right, the award-winning quiz show Classroom Jeopardy can bring all of the action, sound, lights and learning of the TV show right into your classroom. It's great for teaching and testing. This game plugs into any TV with standard A/V jacks. Use the pre-programmed games or write your own questions and answers to correspond with your curriculum.

What are electronic learning toys?

Electronic Learning Toys

Electronic learning toys are a growing, and valuable classroom tool. Available for a wide age and skill range - from pre-school through elementary years, they are a great way for kids to learn through play. It's called edutaining and it's so much fun that kids forget they are learning.

Why does technology enhance learning?

Electronic Learning Toys

Weaving electronic learning into the classroom augments and boosts traditional classroom learning. Children have become so accustomed to technology and interactivity that sitting and working for long periods of time for traditional lessons may not hold students' interests at the same high level as in the past. So many at-home toys and games involve electronics, that contemporary students are often accustomed to this type of learning/play and need little training to reap tremendous benefits.

What is a good electronic math learning toy?

Electronic Learning Toys

Move aside flash cards. Educators are now turning to The Math Shark to help their students gain skill, build confidence and pick up speed when memorizing the basics in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Math Shark plays like a video game, with lights and sounds to help students stay motivated but is really an electronic learning toy. And, because it can be set to a variety of skill levels, it's perfect if you have multiple levels in the classroom.

Why use electronic learning?

Electronic Learning

Virtually every elementary school in the country has incorporated the use of electronic learning toys in the classroom. These sophisticated, yet easy-to-use teaching tools bring real educational value to students and foster positive feelings towards learning. Award-winning companies Geosafari, V-Tech, LeapFrog, and Fischer Price make some of the most popular classroom electronics.

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