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How does active play helps your students?

Active Play

For school children of all ages, active play during the school day helps kids expend some energy and work out stress. Having many outdoor activities allows your students to pick and choose their outdoor play activities and play partners. Think about supplying a variety of outdoor play equipment to add variety to their physical activity. The fresh air and exercise will invigorate them. They'll come back to the classroom ready to sit attentively and learn your next lesson.

How can I get children to play with one another?

Making Friends

For younger children, using outdoor play at the beginning of the school year to help them get to know one another is a good use of their outdoor play time. Choose games that help them learn each others names, how many siblings they have and more. These organized games also helps children learn to follow rules, take turns and be cooperative. As the school year progresses, less structured play can be integrated into their recess time.

What are the benefits of playing ball?


It's recess! What better way to spend the time than playing ball. Ball games allow the class to build community, develop coordination, and learn teamwork and sportsmanship. Providing your class with a variety of games to play means they'll never tire of playing. Discount outdoor play equipment like softballs, basketballs, footballs, even foam balls can be found in abundance at Classroom Direct.

How do you take care of outdoor play equipment?

Caring For Outdoor Play Equipment

Outdoor play information: Caring for your outdoor play equipment not only protects your monetary investment, but keeps your students happy and safe. Loose playground toys can get lost and could injure a child if left lying around the playground. And balls that are not inflated to their optimum air capacity will deteriorate over time. That's why it's wise to stock up on the supplies necessary to keep your equipment in good working order. Items like a ball locker will keep balls safe and sound in one secure place, and a pressure gauge and inflating pump will help keep your balls and other inflatables as good as new.

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