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How can I make social studies more fun?

An International Party

Social Studies is the perfect subject in which to celebrate diversity in your classroom. Have your students give a talk about their ethnic origins, and bring in something that relates to their background. Try to find the similarities and differences in cultures. Use your classroom maps or globe to locate specific geographies. Then, have an International class party where everyone brings in a food of their nationality.

What's a good activity for teaching geography?

Geosafari Talking Globe

For teaching geography, no classsroom should be without a globe. But why have a traditional one, when the Geosafari Talking Globe Jr. can turn your students' learning into a fun social studies activity. One to three students can use the globe at a time, and it even comes with headsets for undisturbed learning. This kit even includes activity sheets that can be reproduced, as well as classroom activities. This globe is great for reinforcing what you teach.

What is a good social studies resource for teaching U.S. history?

Teaching U.S. History

More teaching social studies advice: Teaching U.S. history is a mighty big assignment, but there are social studies resources to help organize and contain your class lessons. The US History Geopack contains 20
history lessons that are compatible with all Geosafari units. From the U.S. Presidents to battle sites to early explorers, and more, these lessons were teacher-designed and are appropriate for grades 3 and up.

How can I integrate computers into my social studies curriculum?

Integrating Technology in Social Studies

Fortunately for social studies teachers, integrating technology into your curriculum is fairly easy. Many aspects of your subject content lend themselves perfectly to computer projects. Researching, creating spreadsheets with data, generating graphs and charts, and more can all provide your students with quality computer time while they learn their class work. Encourage your students to spend more time on class computers. It fosters skills that they will use for a lifetime.

How can I bring history alive?

Living History

Use your creativity in the classroom as an opportunity to develop a class project that incorporates not only social studies, but language arts as well. Choose a history story and produce a class play. Design costumes, paint scenery, write the script, and take your show on the road. Invite other classes to come in to your class and see the play. Bring history alive by putting your students back in time. And, if you live in an area where related history took place, plan a field trip as well.

How do I teach social studies at home?

A Social Studies Activity for Home Schooled Children

Teaching social studies advice: Home schooling moms have a great social studies project built right in to your living and schooling environment - your own family. Teaching your children about their own cultural and ethnic background is a very meaningful lesson. Make a family tree and talk about how and when your ancestors came to America. Have them write a report on their country of origin and cook some ethnic meals. Interview relatives of different ages to gather family stories, photos and memorabilia.

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