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Do I need home school furniture?

Home School Furniture

Home schooled children have an advantage when it comes to home school furniture. Why? Because you don't necessarily need that much. And your own home furniture can serve for certain functions as well. Whether or not you invest in traditional school furniture is a matter of personal preference. If you are teaching more than one child, you might benefit from setting up a formal space in your home where your kids learn. Separating play time from learning time will help put them in the right frame of reference. You can control the distractions and temptations of their surroundings.

How should I arrange the desks in my classroom?

School Furniture Arrangement

The style of furniture and the way you arrange it in the classs says a lot about your teaching style and the type of community you wish to build within the classroom. When children sit in rows, their focus is on a single point , the teacher. Communication with other children is discouraged because students' backs are visible in front of them and other faces are behind them. When children sit in a circle, they are invited to look at each other. When talking, they can easily see the entire class, and when they listen, they can see who is speaking.

How do I store classroom supplies?

School Storage

An organized classroom is one where learning takes precedent. Clearing the clutter, being able to find things when you need them, and taking the time to put things away are not only good life habits, but good learning habits. To put and keep everything in its place, you have to have organized storage. Take stock of what you need to store, and then choose whatever types of bins, chests, cases and files that fit your space and style. Making colorful selections, and ones with small cubbies and spaces will increase the likelihood that keeping the class organized will be less onerous.

What are good criteria for choosing a computer desk?

Computer Desks

Since most classrooms have at least one computer, choosing a computer desk or workstation that is inviting is important. Maximizing incentives and minimizing distractions is important, yet, in addition, tight budgets often call for getting school furniture to accommodate multiple-uses and ages of students. Desk height, computer and keyboard placement, ease of access to instructions, and the ability to place notebooks and other tools at the workstation are key considerations. Proper desk ergonomics has been proven to increase productivity.

What's the best child toy storage?

Child Toy Storage

Child toy storage is essential when getting school furniture for any early learning classroom environment. Choose child storage bins that are color coded, and make large labels for them. That way, your class will not only learn the good habit of cleaning up after themselves, but will learn colors, words and sorting skills while they are doing it. Assign partners, and you'll be can add teaching cooperation to the list.

Is there an alternative to rectangular desks?

Horseshoe Tables

If you like to teach in small groups, say good-bye to your rectangula tables and hellp to a
horseshoe table. Six to eight students can sit around the outside of this table, with you comfortably placed in the half-circle. Your entire group is within view and reach. These are great elementary school furniture for art or science experiments in younger grades. They also allow students to talk to each other when discussion is appropriate.

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