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What is the Deluxe Rhythm Band Music Kit?

Deluxe Rhythm Band Music Kit

Loud noise is intrinsic to any preschool classroom. So, why not channel that noise into a musical band? The Deluxe Rhythm Band Music Kit is a fantastic way to kill many birds with one stone. It lets your students have a little bit of noisy time, teaches rhythm and coordination, and reinforces their natural love of music. The kit contains tom toms, cymbals, triangles, maracas, tambourines and more. It's large enough for up to 30 players and comes with an instruction booklet and storage container. Put on a concert for parents or create a parade – everyone loves banging on drums.

How do early learning toys teach?

Early Learning Toys

More Early Learning Advice: Through early learning toys, children learn about their world, themselves, and others. Choosing toys that appeal to them and foster their learning helps make the most of their early development. Early learning toys help children figure out how things work, how to cooperate with others, solve problems and build muscle control, among other things. It is good to have a variety of toys – some that help develop specific skills like math, a love of reading, vocabulary, and others that promote the development of the whole child. This combination will ensure the youngster will be ready to begin kindergarten.

What is dramatic play?

Dramatic Play

Dramatic play and early learning toys that encourage children to pretend such as kitchens, puppet theaters, dress up costumes and cash registers give children a chance to try new behaviors and use their imaginations. In addition, pretending can help children develop curiosity, language, problem-solving skills, and mathematics. The best way to develop dramatic play areas is to make sure they are well stocked with all the details that make them seem real to young children. If you set up a kitchen area, make sure it is supplied with enough pots, plates, pretend food, and the dolls to enable children to play out a scenario.

How do children learn math?


Math is all around us. Every day as children play they are using mathematics without even realizing it. Ask yourself these questions: At the grocery store, do they want to play with the scales? At home, do they like to pour water in and out of cups? Do they like to stack pots and pans? Sort things? Do they like to count their toys, their friends, or just about anything? You probably answered yes to many of these questions. These and many more everyday activities build your children's growing understanding of mathematics. Flashcards, board games and counters are some familiar early learning toys that all emphasize your students' natural desire to count.

How can I help a spirited child?

The Spirited Child

It seems like ADD and ADHD abound in our classrooms. If you have a spirited child in yours, you can really make a difference in how they perceive school and in how their classmates interact with them. Befriend the spirited child in your class. They often feel unliked. Seat them at the front of the class and away from window that could distract them. Or, if this child likes to move around and you have room in the class, give him or her two desk assignments and let the child move from one to the other.

How do you teach alphabet skills?

Alphabet Skills

Early Learning Advice: What could be more basic to early child learning than learning the alphabet? Making this learning fun is easy when you give your pre-school students the opportunity to play while learning. Magnetic letters, felt letters, alphabet rugs, songs, and even computer games help children learn alphabet skills through repetition. Children are naturally attracted to all the different colors, sizes and textures of letters, and instinctively want to learn how to spell simple things like their name. Just having them around as on a bulletin board is a constant reinforcement.

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