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What's the best way to teach reading?

Teaching Reading

More teaching reading advice: The best way to teach reading is the way that gets your students to love reading. And that will be different for almost every child. That's why it's always best to stock a wide variety of reading games and phonics activities in the classroom. Big books, flash cards, computer games, alphabet tiles, and workbooks used in conjunction with one another will give every student in your class a well-rounded introduction to reading. And remember, if your love for reading shows, you will inspire them to love reading too.

How can I prevent students' loss of skills taught during vacation?

Vacation Phonics Activity

The loss of skiflls that beginning and emergent readers lose during vacations and holidays can be significant. Often, teachers are slowed down in their curriculum when they have to take steps back after a long break. It's a good idea to assign a fun phonics or reading activity during this break to help keep students on top of their game. Making a collage with words found in magazines, drawing a picture about a book they read over vacation and other simple assignments help your students retain the skills you taught them in school.

How can I help my dyslexic student?

Dyslexic Students

Teaching reading advice: Teaching reading to the dyslexic student can be frustrating and stressful for both the student and you. Effective teachers utilize a variety of strategies to help dyslexic students succeed. Try using a sans serif font like Arial or Verdana on printed materials, and put keywords in bold. Break information into small bites. Make sure your dyslexic student has a seat in the front of the class. Use media such as video and audiotapes to support your class work. And no matter what, keep up your support and understanding.

What can a reading teacher accomplish?

Reading Teacher

Many teachers are concerned with the amount of elementary school students who struglle with learning reading. And for good cause. Usually, when students get off to a poor start in reading, it is difficult to catch up. These students are faced with the threat of retention, and isolation as they watch the others in their class progress. For these students, time spent with a reading teacher can make a great deal of difference. The individual attention and care a reading specialist provides can help discover the child's issues with reading and start them on a new track.

Are reading workbooks effective?


Many teachers think of reading workbooks are an old, traditional method of teaching reading. And while newer phonics games and more fun reading activities have taken the mainstream, workbooks serve an important purpose in teaching reading that should not be ignored. Reading followed by the completion of workbook activities are a very effective way to see whether your students comprehend the materials they are reading. So it's not always wise to discard the old to move on with the new. A blend of both is ideal.

What's a good phonics game?

Phonics Game

The Phonics Gameis a welcome departure from old, traditional drills and lessons. Used to teach phonics to the entire class, or for reinforcing skills individually or in small groups, this game is great because it supplements any phonics curriculum with documented results. This is a phonics game that gets students and the teacher involved.

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