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Can I make a game?

Make A Game

Here's an activity that any class would enjoy - why not make your own game when choosing school games become boring? Part art project, part logic project and a great lesson in cooperation, this activity can be done as a class, individually, or in small groups depending on the size, age and skill level in your class. Imagine how much fun it would be to sit down and play a game of your own creation. Over the years, your classroom will become stocked with the brilliant game creating efforts of past years.

What types of child learning games can I find?

Learning Game Varieties

Almost any game is a learning game, but there are a plethora of games on the market that are specific to classroom use and geared to the skills and experience of students of all ages. They come in all shapes and sizes too. Board games, game rugs, puzzles, card games, matching games, and computer games all give children the opportunity to develop and increase their skills while having fun. To encourage your students to keep playing school games, keep a variety of them on hand. And, make sure some of them can be played in groups, while others can be used individually. Once you notice what your class is most attracted to, you can augment your collection to keep their enthusiasm high.

What do children learn from games?

Playing School Games

Children learn so much from school games. And, they're having so much fun, they don't even notice how much they learn. There are so many games for teachers to choose from – games that teach math, vocabulary, science and language. But no matter what subject the game is about, just playing games in general teaches young children about following rules, helps to increase their memory, and builds good sportsmanship. When a game is involved, children look forward to learning, helping to develop a lifelong love of learning.

Whats a good review method?

Review Games

School games make excellent review tools. Have your students create their own. Play Jeopardy, use flash cards, or make crossword puzzles to play in class. The actual creation of the materials serves as an excellent review tool. The game itself is also excellent for review and is fun too.

What is chess?


Chess is a great choice when choosing school games. Chess is a tremendous child learning game, no matter what age you are. There is no tackling, no running bases - no physical exertion at all. Chess is a game where the players exercise their minds. As a learning tool, chess teaches students logic; how to think ahead, analyze situations, and solve problems. Learning to play chess should be encouraged in every classroom.

What is a good basic preschool learning game?

Basic Skills

Practice & Learn Right has a basic skills series of game boards that teach everything from colors and shapes to letters and numbers. These game boards are brightly colored and simple enough for young children to master. Best of all, they are so inexpensive that you could purchase the whole series to give your students tremendous variety and months of fun. This series is great for teaching new skills, as well as improving and reinforcing skills.

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