Classroom Decoration Ideas

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Where can I get classroom decoration ideas?

Classroom Decoration Ideas

Classroom decorations go well beyond traditional bulletin boards. Classroom doors, windows, the edges of the blackboard, and more are all spaces worthy of decoration. The big question is “How do I do all this without making the room look like a hodge-podge and a distraction? If you've noticed other classrooms with color coordinated, well-thought out layouts, it's because they probably own the definitive book on classroom decoration ideas, “The Giant Book of Bulletin Boards”. This invaluable resource will help you transform your classroom into a vibrant learning environment year after year.



8/27/2007 1:38:56 AM
houayda mallah said:

if it is possible to send me some class decoration specialy for drama classes or any kind of welcome back to school decoration for bulletin board please


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